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30 Aug 2012

I am going to be up all night so I figured I might as well write this while I am still somewhat coherent. I just have so much to do and want to get it done and all of it is stuff I need to do online. I also have off work tomorrow and since my husband is out of town on business I figured I would just pull an all-nighter. I haven’t done that since college so while I will be busy it will be sort of fun too.

The first thing I want to do is plan our vacation for later this year. We always go on a nice luxurious vacation each year and this year it is up to me to decide. I usually get my husband’s input but he told me to pick wherever I wanted and he would be fine with it so that is pretty exciting for me. I am going to use to do it. I am thinking of going to Spain but want to do some more research first. I definitely want to go somewhere out of the country as it has been too long since we have traveled overseas.

The other big thing I need to do is start planning my sister Rebecca’s bridal shower. She is getting married early next year so I need to get cracking on that. She picked me as her Maid of Honor which came as no real surprise since she was mine when I got married. To be honest I would have been a little hurt if she didn’t pick me but she did so no love lost there. I just am not sure where I want to have it so that is going to be my focus tonight. I know our Mom would love for us to have it at her house but I don’t know if I want to go that route. I was thinking more along the lines of a nice hotel ballroom.

The other stuff I have to do are not worth mentioning so I won’t bore you with them. I need to wrap this up and go get a pot of coffee on because I know I’m going to need some caffeine to make it through the night. I am meeting my friend Alice for breakfast at 7:00 then I will probably come home and crash until I wake up.


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